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Interview with Hubl Greiner
Stepanida Borisova - vocals (Sakha/Siberia)
Dieter Moebius - electronics
Helmut Bieler-Wendt - violine, bariton violictra
Lisa Cash - vocals
Eric Babak - producer, arranger, pianist
Tunji Beier - percussion, jews harp
Anton Bruhin - jews harp
Jens Volk - bass
Ewald Hügle - saxophon
DJ Rebel - DJ
Dandarvaaching Enkhjargal - kootschirr, throat singing
Rüdiger Oppermann - harp
Alex Ott - oboe
Rainer Granzin - piano, organ
Christian Hof - bass
Paul Amrod - keyboards
Misha Maltsev - DJ
Claudia Knupfer - design
Harry Raiser - interpreter

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Franz Dobler | Bratko Bibic | Die Knödel | Christoph Dienz | Alvaro Peña-Rojas | Ajvar & Sterz


Live radio plays with Franz Dobler and Hubl Greiner

Unscrupulous entertainment (1985-1996). Experimental Avantgarde Rock - bits of Brecht / Weill with elements of World and Jazz along with witty tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the expressive voice of "The Volz" provide an anarchistic listening enjoyment.

Tunji Beier
Percussionist from Queensland, Australia

Bo Wiget
Rock cellist, composer, improvisor, theatre animal and antinationalist

Ewald Hügle
German Saxophonist and composer (Jazz and contemporary music)

Helmut Bieler-Wendt
Composer, violinist and pianist. Helmut Bieler-Wendt studied composition and improvisation at University Karlsruhe under Prof. Wolfgang Rihm.

Christoph Dienz
Composer, bassoon player, zither player and music radicalist (Die Knödel etc.)

Tim Hodgkinson
British musician and composer (ex - Henry Cow)

Misha Maltsev
DJ, jews harp player and BBC journalist (Yakutskt, London)

Ivanka Ivanova
Bulgarian vocalist (Schäl Sick Brass Band)

ZKM Karlsruhe
Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie

informations about film music, theater music, and radio plays

Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung
Contemporary music center in Darmstadt, Germany

Jaro Medien GmbH
German record label in Bremen (Jazz, World)

Record label of Shirley Hofmann and Momo Rossel in Neuchatel

Festival MIMI 
Extraordinary festival in Marseille directed by Ferdinand Richard

French record label

Bratko Bibic
Slowenian accordionist (ex-Nimal, ex-Begnagrad), member of Accordion Tribe

Rüdiger Oppermann
Harp player - crossing over the traditional boundaries by presenting everything from ethnic-music to classical harp solos, folk, pop, jazz-harp and other style.

The Wire / London
The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and non-mainstream musics.


Photo Art - Photography by Claudia Knupfer
Franz Dobler - German book author


CK DESIGN Konstanz - Design & Internetservice
Vacation Lake de Constance


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