• Christoph Dienz

Christoph Dienz was Fagottist at the "Wiener Staatsoper" and he has composed for his Ensemble "Die Knödel", Bruckner-Orchester Linz, Ernst Kovacic, etc. He was the leader of "Die Knödel". They have redefined Austrian "blasmusik" (brass-band music)

Vienna based musician and composer CHRISTOPH DIENZ ("Die Knödel") steps with his new project into new musical dimensions. With an old traditional Austrian instrument, the zither (remember the theme of Harry Lime out of the Third Man Soundtrack!), he beats new strings.

He uses 100% analogoue, acoustic tools like officeclips, woodensticks, tuneforks, plectrons etc and creates complex rhythmic soundfields, which are close to electronic music. Further he uses a loop-generator, which allows him a orchestral work with the zither, loop by loop, field after field.