• Jens Volk, Bass player
  • 1987 he has founded "Blauer Reiter" with Christian Romer.
  • Since 1987 he is working with Alvaro.
  • 1989 he has founded the Rembetiko-Trio "Pros-Echos" with Giorgios Notaras and Janis Kakari.
  • 1991-1994 he has played Bass with the German group "THE BLECH".
  • 1991 he has founded the experimental-project "Weiss/Volk/Christ" with the Jazzguitarist Günter Weiss and the performer Gerald Christ.
  • 1994 he has played with Rupert Volz.
  • Further projects with HULU PROJECT, The Jellyfish Kiss, Ewald Hügle, Gerald Christ, Günter Weiss, Hubl Greiner, Helmut Bieler-Wendt, Shirley Hofmann, Christof Dienz, Rupert Huber (Tosca), MTFloyd, Rembetiko-Trio "PROS-ECHOS", Giorgios Notaras, Janis Kakaris, Stefan Wölfle, Günter Weiss, Gerald Christ, Christian Romer, Harry Gelb, etc.

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