• Anton Bruhin, jews harp player

Anton Bruhin is a painter and free-lance artist. Rather by chance, he stated to occupy himself in the late sixties with the Jews harp. His interest for this instrument caused him to travel all around the world tracing out other Jews harp players. Nowadays, he is in contact with the Jews harp Centre in Yakutsk (in northeastern Siberia) and he is on friendly terms with Jews harp players in Japan, Hungary and Austria.

Anton Bruhin is an innovative musician, who is always looking for something new. So, he plays during concerts on his self-made electric Jews harp and employs different resonators like recently developed tubes filled with water.

Anton Bruhin wrote several books and released more than 15 CD´s as a musician. To name a few, UR-Musig, Terra Amphibia CD (with Mani Neumeier) and Electric Eel CD at John Zorn´s Tzadik (with Koichi Makigami).

Cinema movie: "Trümpi - Anton Bruhin, der Maultrommler" from Iwan Schumacher 70 min. Ventura Film

Contact: Anton Bruhin ( Telefon / Fax 0041.554403256 )

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