• Rüdiger Oppermann, harpist

Rüdiger Oppermann, Solongo Damdin, Jatinder Thakur, Rainer Granzin, Epi Enkh Jargal.

Rüdiger Oppermann is Germany´s foremost celtic harp player. He began playing the harp in 1973 and has since virtuosically surpassed all existing standards on this instrument. With an elaborately carved column and unique mechanism on each string for the use of bending notes, Rüdiger has constructed an absolutely personal instrument. The technical capabilities of this harp combined with Rüdiger’s improvisational free-style have transformed the Celtic Harp into a melodic instrument full of expression and power. His transformation from celtic bard to crossover world-musician is well documented on more than 40 CD publications.

Rüdiger Oppermann is crossing over all the traditional boundaries by presenting everything from ethnic-music (in new, digital geld recordings of previously unknown harp cultures) to classical harp solos, folk, pop, jazz-harp and other styles.

Website of Rüdiger Oppermann:

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